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Some of our clients have willingly shared about their experiences in therapy:

SCS Counsellors: "Having several years experience working with clients, we have subsequently seen satisfactory results throughout the therapeutic process. Clients leave positive feedback at the end of the therapy, about the way we work with them, integratively. This gives us great encouragement that they are appreciative of the development of the working relationship and the positive outcome of the counselling therapy."

"During my counselling therapy, I learned about self-awareness. At first, I felt lonely, wanting to be needed; but I had to first pay attention to me and taking care of myself. I learned to trust and listen to myself, realizing that I wasn't content/happy and acting on it." (Client - Camden)

"Working with my counsellor, gave me the ability to take control of my work situation. I learned that while situations and circumstances may change, the only thing constant I had to rely upon, was myself; so instead of doubting myself and my instincts, I began to believe in me..." (Client - North London)

"I have learned that when I get recurring negative thoughts or weak moments, I will instantly know which exercise/techniques to use in order to control my thoughts and feelings." (Client - Camden)

"What particularly made the sessions helpful was the fact that I had a kind therapist, with a lot of experience, who went straight to the point and found out easily what my needs were. I also felt that she had found it easy to connect with most of my problems and she helped me to overcome them." (Client- North London)

"My therapist was great, always there and very caring." (Client - Camden)

"I was experiencing a lot of fear based on lack of understanding, but after the first few sessions that I had, I started to see what the problem was and that was the breaking point, in resolving the issue...Thank you." (Client - Thamesmead)

"These sessions have been very helpful and I am most grateful to have had the opportunity. Before I came here, I was at a place where I felt as if there was no hope for me, but now I have a different mindset that will help me fully, to achieve my goals in life." (Client - Orpington)

"Thank you. You have given me my life back and allowed me to find myself. The change in me is noticeable (by family & friends) and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without your patience and guidance." (Client - Lewisham)

"The sessions were very helpful because they made me look at myself from another viewpoint. I realized that only I can change things." (Client - Orpington)

"I found I had time to look at different situations and that my counsellor worked well with me throughout" (Client - Lee)

"Talking about issues and dealing with them allowed me to see myself and life in a new positive way. I've had a great experience overall. I have achieved what I wanted through the sessions from my counsellor's support." (Client - Central London

"What I learned in therapy that has been helpful to me, was that I now have a more open mindset. I now have a broader awareness of myself, that of a newfound worthiness and security of oneself. I have reached my personal goal...what we had set to do at the beginning. What specifically made the sessions helpful to me, was the variety of tools and approaches used...I would like to thank my counsellor for her gentle 'open-nature' in the sessions. Her genuine interest in my happiness and good health helped to encourage me during many sessions" (Client - Lewisham)

"I feel as though I was able to understand where the sources of my emotions stemmed from. The exercises in session and out, have made me feel more in control of my situation...I have really enjoyed attending sessions. The environment and client-counsellor relationship have been very comfortable. I am glad to have taken the step into counselling and know great things will come of it." (Client - Greenwich)

"I feel I was ready to address my issues and my counsellor gave me the space to talk in a non-judgmental way...there was one issue, though, that I was not prepared to address and she respected that...nevertheless, I learned to use tools that allowed me to love myself and my body and to treat myself with respect, whilst not being too hard on myself...Thank you." (Client - Crystal Palace)

"I was able to understand my issues and explore them, through the psychodynamic approach; also I was provided emotional support when I needed it. I was open to learn and explore myself, although the therapy was challenging me, at the same time, it was empathic...I benefitted from knowing and understanding myself better and the dynamics between me, my family and my life in general." (Client - Deptford)

"My counsellor was always attentive and empathic. I could talk to her without fear of judgment and I felt challenged when necessary...I learned about my defense mechanisms and about my attachment styles and how they affected my relationships...I was able to talk about my past experiences and being able to reflect on them...I am now able to see where my behavioural patterns stemmed from and can make different choices." (Client - Brockley)

"What specifically made the sessions helpful for me was that I got help with my anxiety and worrying. I have grown up since the start of the therapy. Although sometimes I still worry, I am better able to manage it. I learned how to use techniques that my counsellor taught me when issues/problems arise. I have learnt not to overreact, see things from another perspective and think more positively, not to be afraid or fear." (Client - New Cross)

"What made the sessions particularly helpful for me was the practical insight about not being judged for my feelings...I felt that I was understood. My feelings are valuable, but I can control how I respond to them. Men and women are so different, but it is important to communicate how I feel. I have been reminded of the importance of forgiveness. I have forgiven my husband and understand how better to communicate. I plan to work on communicating my feelings better, not going into the 'childlike' state; having a more realistic expectation/understanding of my marriage. This counselling therapy has been extremely helpful for me. Thank you." (Client - Eltham)

"I was able to explore issues from my past that have given me the confidence to be more vocal...sometimes I felt like I didn't know what to bring to the session and felt directionless...but being open to the therapy experience, I have been able to talk to my fear and ask questions. I was able to use my voice and trust my own judgement. Mindfulness has been useful in 'letting to'...I have a voice, now and getting over the fear to use it." (Client - Brockley)

"New learning happened for me and my husband, because the counsellor was able to help us identify the areas we needed to work on most. It has helped to strengthen our marriage and to last, long-term. The therapy helped us to go back to basics, to communicate effectively with each other.

We had a safe space (within our home) to talk and evaluate our feelings. The counsellor was great in pointing us in the right direction. My husband and I plan to have weekly 'Open-up' sessions, to talk about everything (how our marriage is doing); have regular dates; to work on the boundaries/values for our marriage."

"My wife and I plan to work together on forgiveness for things we hold on to and openness with each other; building trust back into our relationship. The counsellor was effective in facilitating and mediating the sessions. We had very good analysis and observation from her and a lot of useful tools helped us going forward. " (Clients - New Cross)

All testimonials were given post-sessions, with permission, without clients' names attached.

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