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Counselling Fees:

Silverset Counselling Service is a private practice, welcoming clients who self-fund their therapy sessions. Clients can also use their private health insurance. Please see our fees below.

Counselling fees are reasonably priced from £45.00 to £70.00 per session (50 mins).
However, during the initial 1/2 hr assessment, based on your income and circumstances, an agreement can be made between you and your counsellor, to pay only what you can realistically afford, for each consecutive session. There is a one-off low cost fee for the initial assessment (30 mins).
Other fees: Crisis Listening / Home visit / Coaching / Mentoring is £45.00 per session (50 mins).
All fees are based upon a concessionary sliding scale, (client’s income considered) including fees for home visits.

Counselling Students/Trainees:

For students or trainees who require personal therapy, as part of their course requirement, there are limited amount of spaces available. However, you can call to inquire about availability:

Students enrolled in: Level 3 Certificate Course or Level 4 Diploma Course (Year 1 & 2).

• Block Sessions: £35.00 to £45.00 per session

All fees are based upon a concessionary sliding scale.

Supervision Fees:

Individual professionals, including counsellors and psychotherapists:
• For 1 hr per individual is £50.00
• For ½ hr per individual is £25.00

Group supervision (2 to 4 individuals):
• For 2 individuals within a group for 1 hr, is £33.00.
• For 3 individuals within a group for 1 & 1/2 hrs, is £35.00
• For 4 individuals within a group, for 2 hrs, the cost is £38.50.

Fees. Paymentphone

Forms of Payment

We accept payment via our website, through PayPal, using your debit or credit card for online counselling: Video calls, Chat or Email. (See Payment Options at the bottom right of this webpage).

We do not accept cheques. Payment, via bank money transfer is also accepted. If you choose to pay by this method, you will receive a bank account number and sort code for this transaction, by your counsellor.
Payment with your debit card can be made before or after the session and for this transaction, a Cash Machine is available only at designated locations.
Payment by cash is accepted if this is agreed between you and your counsellor, for face-to-face counselling.

If you choose to make payments via our website or via bank transfer, it is advisable that you make payments prior to attending your scheduled appointment.

Steps to be taken for continuous payment of counselling sessions:

1. An initial assessment to be conducted with your counsellor.
2. An agreement to be made about the amount you can reasonably afford.
3. You can choose to pay via bank transfer or by using cash, at the end of each therapy session.
4. Alternatively, if payment is made via this website, use the options to the left, relevant to the agreed amount.
5. See the different options at bottom right of this webpage (Click on the options under 'Therapy Session Payment').
6. After you have chosen the appropriate payment, please click ‘Buy Now’.
7. Another window will pop up, with further instructions via PayPal to continue payment.
8. Once you have entered your email address and password, you will be able to log in to PayPal, securely.
9. Follow the instructions to complete payment and you will receive payment confirmation via email.

Thank you.

The payment options to the left of this page are as follows:

Fees per session are charged as per the following below:

E.g. The Assessment which is £35.00

1. The Assessment appt is £35.00
2. Counselling Therapy / Supervision for £35.00
3. Counselling Therapy / Supervision for £40.00
4. Counselling Therapy for £45.00
5. Counselling Therapy / Supervision for £50.00
6. Counselling Therapy for £55.00
7. Counselling Therapy for £60.00
8. Counselling Therapy for £65.00
9. Counselling Therapy for £70.00

All fees will be agreed upon between counsellor and client, during the initial assessment, based upon our sliding scale and client's financial circumstances.
For further information about payments, please feel free to make any enquiries when you next speak with your counsellor.

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