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Do you need space to share what’s going on in your life?

Would you like time to confidentially speak your mind, without being judged or condemned?

Do you feel overburdened with life’s problems? Do you feel stressed?

Are you suffering from depression? Are you in a troubled relationship?

Do you feel lonely? Distressed? Fearful? Are your hurting?

Are you worried about your own safety or about your life?

Do you have concerns about a loved one or relative?

Are you searching for answers?

Would you like to see a counsellor?

Then search no further, because counsellors are here for you:

... to support you, while you share your story
... to listen empathically, showing unconditional positive regard
... to explore your thoughts and feelings, in a safe environment
... to explore pressing issues
... to help set goals and to work toward achieving them

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....A word fitly spoken, is like apples of gold in settings of silver....

Please visit our Counselling Approach Page (For all client-related issues): Areas of Specialty.

We work with adults, young people (12 & over) and the elderly, offering services in:

1. Individual Counselling therapy: Short-term (12 - 24 wks) or Long-term (24 to 42 wks or longer). The duration of the Counselling therapy for individuals, normally depends upon each person's individual needs and circumstances.
2. Crisis listening
3. Coaching / Mentoring
4. Home visit (Counselling Therapy) is available for the disabled, elderly, housebound and parents with very young babies, who find it difficult getting childcare. (see FAQ's No. 11)
5. Group Therapy (Couples/Family) - (see FAQ's No. 10)
6. Multicultural Counselling (see FAQ's No. 14)


7. CLINICAL SUPERVISION for Professionals, including qualified and Trainee Counsellors/Psychotherapists. Supervision services are available at a cost of £45.00. For more information, please call us to book an appointment for an initial meeting, if you wish to begin Supervision. (see FAQ's No. 17)
Phone: 0844 884 2719 or 0784 762 0103

Other Services Rendered:
8. Self-referrals and GP counselling referrals accepted
9. Personal Therapy for Students/Trainee Counsellors
10. Christian Counselling: Individual Therapy is available for people seeking a deeper more meaningful understanding of themselves and their environment in a Christian context.
(For fees, please visit the Fees Page)

People who would like to speak with someone about their circumstances, might think twice about approaching a professional, because of the stigma associated with mental health issues.
However, talking about your situation is not mental health. Instead, it is an opportunity to spend time with someone qualified, who is ready to listen and help you work out issues in your life, in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment.
Therefore, break the stigma and view this as an opportunity for positive change, for better choices and for progress in your life. Subsequently, high-profile celebrities, royals, and famous people seek help on a continuous basis, because after all, they are only human, like everyone else.
So please be encouraged and phone, email or text us today to get the help that you need and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

* * * "No man is an island, as everybody needs somebody sometime..." * * *


* * * * * * FREE TELEPHONE ASSESSMENT done on Mondays only!!!
Please contact us today, via text, email, or call & leave a message, if possible, to book your free 15-mins phone assessment & to arrange a suitable time for the meeting!! * * * * * *

You are expected to call at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Alternatively, if you prefer a 40-mins assessment, this can be arranged, as well.

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We provide counselling services around the London region
Serving the areas of (Southeast London): Brockley, Bromley, Camden, Catford, Deptford, Grove Park, Lee, Lewisham, New Cross, and Peckham.

The service in Lewisham, South East London (Deptford, Brockley, New Cross, Catford), is located near Goldsmith College and Lewisham College.

However, you can contact us for more information, about face-to-face counselling, as clients can also be accommodated within or near the areas of Bromley, Lewisham (and surrounding areas). Travel directions will be given to the nearest Practice.

Alternatively, if you prefer video call, phone, or online counselling, you can contact our therapists for more information, if you would like to use this service.

Online (chat / email) or video call counselling may probably suit your needs, as many clients find that expressing concerns, feelings, etc. to a counsellor and/or questions in writing or through video link, is better for them. It also helps to organize their thoughts and help them to focus on a particular problem, if they wish, with the guidance of a therapist.

Services available:
Short-term or Long-term Multicultural Counselling Therapy; Crisis listening, Coaching/Mentoring; Home visits (Counselling Therapy) for the disabled, elderly & housebound; Group therapy (Couples/Individuals); Multicultural Counselling; Self-referrals and GP counselling referrals; Personal Therapy for Students/Trainee Counsellors;

Please feel free to contact our counsellors with your inquiries or to book an initial 40-mins. assessment.
You can expect to receive a detailed response from your counsellor within approximately 24-48 hours of your initial contact.

Phone: 0844 884 2719 or 0784 762 0103


Map to Lewisham Practice Location (Deptford, Brockley, New Cross, Catford).

"A Problem shared, is a Problem halved"


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